Enjoy Food Enjoy Eating Contest

Enjoy Food Enjoy Eating Contest 惜福惜食大胃王挑戰賽


This year, we introduce a special program called "Enjoy Food Enjoy Eating Contest"
Objective: To introduce the traditional Chinese Festive foods and snacks of Lunar New Year to Edmontonians and to promote the value of precious resources of food in the world.

Place 地點:
Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace at West Edmonton Mall 西點商場Mayfield Toyota溜冰場

Time 時間:
1:30-3:30 pm

Groups 組別 :
Individual (Age : 10-17, 18-40, 41 or above)
Corporation (4 representatives from each entry)
Family (three members from each entry)

Entry Fees:
Individual $5.00/entry
Corporation $10.00/team
Family $10.00/team

A trophy is given to group champion

Enjoy Food Enjoy Eating Contest

Contest rules :

  1. Contest is open to all interested parties in the public. Participants are permitted to sign up for one or more of the competition groups.
  2. Entry fee is non-refundable and must accompany entry form.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify anyone not following procedures or contest rules, or for being disruptive or disrespectful to any person or property.
  4. All contestants must check-in at least 15 minutes prior to the contest time.
  5. Contestants who do not show up without reasonable excuse will be automatically disqualified.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to cancel any or all of the contest groups if there are not enough participants to compete in any or all of the contest groups. Upon cancellation, entry fee will be refunded to participants accordingly
Contest details:

There are three groups in the contest: Individual, Corporation, and Family. There are no limitations for number of entries with each contestant. However, certain age requirements are applied for each contest in the Individual group. Champions from each group are eligible to compete in the Final Contest.



  1. 比賽乃公開性質,參予比賽人仕可參加一個或多個組别比賽。
  2. 參賽者必須於提交報名表格時,同時繳交參賽費用,參賽費用不設退款。
  3. 主辦機構保留一切權利,對任何不遵守大會規則、不遵從大會工作人員指示及對任何地方 或公物作出破壞及不尊重人仕,作出取消資格決定
  4. 所有參賽者必須於指定比賽時間前15分鐘到達比賽場地,否則主辦機構保留取消參賽權利 。
  5. 所有參賽者如未能提供
  6. 主辦機構在任何組别或所有組别參予人數末達標的情況下,保留取消該組別或整個比賽的 決定權,唯上述情況出現,所有參賽費用將全數退還。

  1. 公開組:分10-17歲男子及女子組;18-40歲男子及女子組及40歲以上男子及女子組
    比賽形式 - 於一分鐘內進食最多指定食物為冠軍
  2. 隊際組: 每隊需派出4名代表(不限年齡性别)
    比賽形式 - 於一分鐘內各隊員接力互相餵食,進食最多指定食物隊伍為冠軍。參 賽隊伍可選擇全隊使用筷子傳遞則加10分,使用叉則加5分,徒手不獲加分。
  3. 家庭組: 每隊由3名家庭成員組成,其中一名需12歲或以下
    比賽形式 - 2名成員需蒙上眼睛:1人負責餵食,1人負責食用指定食物,未有蒙眼 者負責用聲音導航負責餵食者,直至將食物送到進食者口中為之完成,最先成功將 食物送到進食者口中的一隊為之勝出。
  4. 惜福惜食終極大賽: 上述各項比賽冠軍人仕,將自動進入此比賽,並經抽簽後,每2人一組用30 秒時間將指定食物疊起,最高者為終極冠軍。

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